Here's A Little Bit About Us
Nate began his love of brewing craft beer in the basement of his college house in the early 2000’s. Working with his hands and crafting a product that his friends could enjoy resonated with his upbringing of helping his parents host guests at their lake house in Minnesota. Nate began working at a small production facility, jumping headfirst into the brewing industry in 2006. He has since worked for large companies such as Founders, Deschutes and Avery as well as start-ups in Oregon, California, North Carolina and British Columbia. Although his love of learning his craft brought him along on this journey, his love of adventure, community and family brought him to Colorado.
Lindsey shares Nate's love of community and is so grateful for the opportunity to create a brewery and lounge with him that is inviting and safe for all humans. Her love of connecting to others has been expressed through years of work in the nonprofit sector as well as teaching yoga for over a decade. To supplement her love of low-paying gigs, Lindsey has also worked in various brewpubs and brewery taprooms, unintentionally triggering an interest in opening one of her own. Reverence Brewing Company has been a dream in the making since these two left Minnesota in 2012, gathering the experiences and tools needed to follow this path.
James Begerow has known the McAlpines since their days at Founders Brewing Company and arrived in May 2021 to help make their dream a reality. He brought his own set of experiences and (literal) tools as well as his wonderful husband Judd and a beautiful tiny home the two of them constructed in 2020. James is such an integral part of Reverence Brewing Company and Linds and n8 will forever #havereverence.
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